Gallbladder-Liver Flush Instructions


Dr. Hulda Clark’s modified method

This flush is simple, effective and works. The time you start depends on when you go to bed. What ever time you go to bed you must keep in mind that you will start taking the ingredients for the flush 4 hours before you go to bed. Below is a flush for a bedtime of 11:00pm. Resume the flush whenever you get up the following morning ( in this example I resumed 7am the following morning ).

What you will need:

4oz(125ml ) of olive oil. This works out to be ½ a cup.

4oz of lemon juice ( fresh squeezed ).

4 tablespoons of Epsom Salt (MgSO4)

4 cups of water (use the best water you can get your hands on).

Preparation for Getting Started:

Mix the olive oil and lemon juice together in a measuring cup. The total amount combined should amount to 8oz ( 250ml ).

Mix the 4 tablespoons of Epsom Salt (MgSO4) with the 4 cups of water (from this point on this will be known as “Salty Water”). You may wish to drink it through a straw as it is not agreeable to everyone. It tastes very bitter…like dandelion stems. You will live!!

Doing it:

1).  7:00pm drink one cup ( 250 ml ) of salty water.

2). 9:00pm ( 2 hours later ) drink another cup (250ml ) of salty water.

3). 11:00pm ( 2 hours  later ) drink the entire mixture of the lemon juice and olive oil. Make sure you are standing next to the bed so you can immediately lay down. Lay on your left side with your right knee tucked into your chest or if being on your side is uncomfortable lay on your back with head elevated . Stay in this position for at least 20 minutes and try to stay in bed the remainder of the night so make sure you have your bedtime routine done before starting. After 20 minutes it does not matter how you sleep
( sleep as usual ) but try to remain in bed, however, if nature calls go.

During the night you may feel and hear some gurgling which is perfectly fine. The true fun begins after you complete the first 2 cups of salty water. Make sure you have quick access to a toilet and remember to never trust a fart. Your first poop may not produce stones ( look anyhow) but the second most certainly will. Passing the stones does not hurt and is completely painless.

The following morning:

4). 7 am drink one cup of salty water.

5). 9am ( 2 hours later ) drink the last cup of salty water.

6). 11am ( 2 hour later ) you can start to drink fresh juice but no solid food.

7). 11:30am ( 30 minutes later ) you can eat fruit.

8). 12:30pm ( 1 hours later ) you can start eating regular food just keep it light.

That’s It!!!

For the video click HERE

Dr. Hulda Clark’s modified method in more detail

The following flush is a modification to other liver/gallbladder flushes that was developed by Dr. Hulda Clark. This flush is by far the easiest on the palate and just as effective or perhaps even more effective than other methods. In the Hulda Clark method there is more protocol to follow but, less oil and salty water to swallow – sounds better already.

As before, this liver cleanse is best done on a day when there are no demands on the individual with a following day to rest and to allow the cleansing process to take its full course – a weekend is a good idea. On that day avoid all unnecessary vitamins, supplements, pills etc. Eating only easily digested foods such as cooked grains/cereals, fresh fruit, fruit juices, breads, honey, baked potatoes and the like until 3 pm. No more food should be eaten that day 4 hours before starting. This relaxes the organs before the cleanse. Eating after this time will result in possible stomach upset and generally interferes with the liver cleanse.

Prior to starting prepare the Epsom Salts. Do this by mixing 4 tablespoons of Epsom Salts in 4 cups of water and keep in a jar ready for the subsequently required doses of one cup of mixture  per dose (It is also suggested that the premixed Epsom Salts be placed into the refrigerator for the sake of taste but, seeing as the Salts tend to produce dilation the cold works against it. Needless to say, it is hard to work against the dilating force of the Epsom salts)

From this point on the timing is critical so be sure to precisely follow the times indicated also, do not worry about eating for the rest of the day as you will likely not feel hungry.

Remember that after drinking your oil and lemon juice cocktail you will be going to bed so prepare for bed and if you need to visit the bathroom do this in advance.

Drink it standing up! Get it into your bed as fast as possible without discomfort. You want the oil to go directly into the stomach and not linger in your throat. Some will prepare in advance a chaser of freshly made lemonade ( freshly squeezed juice of ripe lemons mixed with water) but do not drink too much.

After the combination has been swallowed go to bed right away and lay on your left side with your right knee tucked into your chest or if being on your side is uncomfortable lay on your back with head elevated with pillows and still for about 20 minutes and then go to sleep. At this point or at some point throughout the night it is not uncommon to actually feel the gall stones moving through the bile ducts.

The Morning After take another serving of the salty water when you get up but have it no earlier than 6:00 AM. If there is any indigestion or nausea wait until it passes before taking the Epsom Salts. Some take a tablespoon of dry oats to help the nausea pass. It works rather quickly. If you wish you can go back to bed. Odds are you will be fine.

After 2 Hours the last dose of salty water is to be taken. If you wish to go back to bed you certainly may.

After 2 More Hours you can eat. Remember to eat lightly. Fresh fruit juice, fresh fruit cooked oats etc. moving to more regular food later in the day.

Note: The effect of the Epsom Salts is not insignificant. Epsom Salts is Magnesium Sulfate. From the herbal point of view both the magnesium and the sulfur are considered hot, expanding (centrifugal) or “heat expelling,” therefore they provoke dilation. It makes sense that they, when ingested, will cause a mild dilation of the bile ducts as well as other vessels and the bowels to void. This means that fluids will flow more freely through the body when it is taken. Do not under estimate the need to be near a toilet when doing this cleanse using Epsom Salts. When you feel the need to “go” you can be sure it won’t be just gas. The Epsom Salts will liquefy the bowel movement so, you are well advised to stay home and take no unnecessary chances or excursions.

Ultimate Effect

The results can take place during the day or in the evening hours. In the bowel movement one will notice green and tan coloured balls floating in the toilet, or a soft yellow bowel movement. This is the expected effect of a successful liver/gallbladder flush. (Should this not occur the process needs to be repeated at some time in the future.)  Ideally, but not necessary, after this effect is observed certain lifestyle changes must be made in order to reduce the insults to the body through food. If you change nothing you will keep getting what you have always gotten.

Some have said that this natural procedure will also remove kidney stones. It might, but, only in a completely indirect manner, if at all. The olive oil and Lemon juice do not enter the kidneys at all. There is a completely separate cleanse for the kidneys that is kidney specific.

Without a Gallbladder ?

Those who are without a Gallbladder should follow a different procedure that will somewhat cleanse the liver and open up the bile ducts to aid in their digestion. One ounce of freshly squeezed Lemon Juice and one ounce of extra virgin Olive oil should be taken every night before bedtime for 4-6 weeks while observing a good diet (remember that you must make a good diet a part of your lifestyle). Digestorum or Paracelsus Anti-Toxin should be taken before meals and Paracelsus Elixir in water or, better still, in papaya juice after meals for the duration of the intake of the olive oil and lemon juice. If nothing else the perpetual bloating associated with not having a gallbladder diminishes considerably. This procedure can be repeated as often as one wants to.

The result after about 30 – 60 days will be a soft yellow baby’s type bowel movement. The Lemon Juice and Olive oil and the above mentioned herbal remedies should be continued at least until the bowel movements return to normal. Those without gallbladders have also found that using a digestive enzyme to be noticeably beneficial. In fact, due to the lack of a gallbladder, they will need an enzyme for as long as they live.

A Few Simple Precautions and helpful hints for a successful Liver Gallbladder Flush

As a general precaution one should endeavor to not lean too far forward for obvious reasons (no picking up kids or tying shoes). Do not do any exercising or eat anything. Walking in the fresh air is very beneficial, reclining is also okay as long as it’s not too flat. But keep in mind that you must be able to access a toilet.

The often expected nausea from drinking the smaller doses of olive oil can be defeated by the quick ingestion of walnut oil. By this quick ingestion the liver toxins are not released into the stomach before all of the oil has been taken. Usually with smaller doses over a longer period of time the released liver toxins enter the stomach producing the nausea making the latter doses harder to swallow. This is the main reason why  walnut oil can be used. As mentioned before you should be able to tolerate it. It’s relative ease of execution also makes it easier and worth repeating if you need it. For most the use of walnut oil is not required.

If desired, a Liver Gallbladder Flush can be repeated but no earlier than two weeks after the cleanse. Some people repeat this yearly in the spring or fall. Usually doing a liver cleanse at a one to a five year interval is quite beneficial and should help the average person keep major ailments away. Many also do it on a yearly basis.

After a flushing out the liver a person should choose to adopt a healthy lifestyle inclusive of good organic foods (not “health food” snack bars) and if this flush is repeated periodically through someone’s life they can avoid some serious ailments developed with age. As long as the liver is kept healthy the aging process will be slower. And, as long as the kidneys are kept clean bodily strength and mental clarity will endure.

Note: Incontinence is common with those without their gallbladders or those who have a clogged gallbladder. The cleanse helps many. However, dietary strictness, keeping warm in general and keeping the area of the kidneys warm in particular; keeping the feet warm and dry will help a great deal to strengthen the kidneys and bladder. Also, what ever will strengthen the kidneys is also of benefit. For this purpose do not go directly to a herb. Most organic red juices are quite good (organic red grape, currant, cherry juices, red beet juice – not cranberry).

Note: keep in mind that if you are prone to high blood pressure, red beets will likely increase blood volume and might make it rise higher.

After many years of endorsing the great benefits liver cleanses I was surprised to hear Kevin Trudeau actually mention this extremely beneficial practice on national television. Hopefully, it will be regarded with greater seriousness than ever before.

Happy Flushing!

Bill Thompson

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